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Modular Shelving

We offer a variety of high quality everlasting Scandinavian shelving solutions - both to small storerooms and the large picking warehouses
You can use a modular shelving system for the manual storage of everything from small, light items to large, heavy ones. It’s highly flexible and can be adjusted to suit your changing needs. It can also incorporate additional features such as hanging accessories, drawers and dividers. If you want to maximise your warehouse height to increase storage space or reduce your storage footprint, modular shelving can be multi-tiered with integral walkways at different levels. This helps reducing project costs when compared to mezzanine floors with metal shelving installed to each level.

Main advantages

The right industrial-modular shelving systems can help you to:

  • Keep storage costs down.
  • Store an extensive variety of large and small items.
  • Change your storage as your necessities change.
  • Efficiently handle your manual stock.
  • Make the best utilization of your storage space.
  • Enhance the security of your stored items.
  • Boost your picking efficiency by differentiating SKUs.

When choosing industrial-modular shelving, it’s important to consider your potential future needs, as well as your current requirements. We can guide you through this process. We’ll thoroughly evaluate your storage space, stock and business objectives. We’ll then apply our years of experience to recommend the best modular shelving for your storage space and business.

Technical details


A Height of frame 2000, 2500, 3000 mm  
B Depth of shelf 300, 400, 500, 600 mm  
C Started bay width 1060 mm (at shelf width 1000 mm)  
D Extension bay 1010 mm (at shelf width 1000 mm)  
Shelf, width / max load 750, 1000 mm 200 kg, evenly distributed
Shelf, width / max load 1300 mm 120 kg, evenly distributed
Shelf, height 30 mm  
Max load per bay   1500 kg, with standard bracing
Side panel, height 2000, 2500, 3000 mm  
Back panel, height 2000, 2500, 3000 mm  
Divider, height 200 mm  
Base plinth, height 40 mm  
Front, height 55 mm  
Door section, height x width 2000x1000 mm  
Drawer, height x width x depth 95 x 915 x 400/500 mm