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Drive-In Racking

Drive-In Racking functions on the system of First-In Last-Out (FILO). For that reason it only suits products that are stocked in adequate volume which needs multiple lanes to guarantee stock rotation.

Cubic drive-in pallet racking is best for optimizing available space, eliminating of aisles between shelves, admitting as many references as load lanes. This is an appropriate system for storing homogeneous, low-rotation products with a large number of pallets per reference.

Main advantages:

  • Maximum profitability of the available space (up to 80%).
  • Removal of aisles between the ranking.
  • Rigorous control of entries and exits.
  • It allows as many SKU as loading lanes.

Two administration systems are accessible: the drive-in system, with only one access aisle, and the drive-through system, with access to the load from both sides of the rack. The system is regularly used within cool stores (refrigeration and freezing) which require most extreme utilization of space for the space of items in a regulated temperature.
Drive-in racking systems is a savvy answer for high-density storage. These increase the storage space use up to 80% of the volume of premises on the grounds because pallets are archived back-to-back and floor-to-ceiling.

Drive-Through Racking

Drive-Through Racking, with two different entry points, is designed to load from one end of the framework and unload from the other side. This makes a First-In First-Out (FIFO) stock retrieval system. Forklifts manage to enter from either end of the drive-through racking framework.

In this case, the load is managed using the racking unit as a controlling warehouse, with two load access points, one on each side of the unit. With this system it is possible to control production differences, for example between manufacture and dispatch, between production phase 1 and phase 2, or between production and loading bays.

Technical Details


A Frame, height 1500 - 8000 mm
B Upright distance c/c 500, 800, 1100, 1250 arba 1500 mm
C Upright, width 90 mm, 110 mm
D Section 1350, width 1350 mm (clearance between uprights)
D Section 1400, width 1400 mm (clearance between uprights)
D Section 1450, width 1450 mm (clearance between uprights)
D Section 1500, width 1500 mm (clearance between uprights)
D Section 1550, width 1550 mm (clearance between uprights)
  Clearance between pallet support 1060 mm
E Pallet support, height 75 mm
F Bottom profile, height 100 mm
  Bottom profile, thickness 5 mm