MV Supply - Services that Make Value

(Currently provided in Lithuania only)

Planning stage for every warehouse design involves developing a racking layout. Upon request MV Supply develops a draft project and carries out the whole process of design, supply, set-up and assembly. Careful consultation and planning beforehand determines cost-effective installation and is the only way to guarantee proper functioning of your warehouse.
A correctly planned warehouse racking system by MV Supply:

  • Minimizes labor costs in storaging of goods
  • Minimizes the amount of damaged items by storing them in the right racking type
  • Delays the need to expand/move by increasing the efficiency of your present space

For a productive and functional warehouse layout several elements to be considered are:

  • The size, weight, and kind of goods to be stored
  • The category of lifting equipment that you own or would like to purchase
  • Your existing warehouse space
  • Placement of entryways and aisles
  • Ceiling height
  • Logical flows

MV Supply works with the client to determine the best configuration and layout for the present or preliminary warehouse space. Preliminary consultations on choosing the right warehouse are also provided.

Depending on the goods that need to be stored, there is a multitude of racking types that can be selected.