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Live Storage Racking

Live storage enables perfect rotation of stored products, with the FIFO (First-in, First-out) system, where the first pallet to be put in is the first to be taken out. When the first pallet is taken out, the others move forward one position, so the preceding pallet is always at the front. This makes it ideal for storing perishable goods.

Live storage pallet racking is ideal for the following areas where palletised loads are handled:

  • Perishable goods warehouses
  • Intermediate warehouses between two working zones
  • Dispatch areas, where pallets need to be removed quickly
  • Holding warehouses (prepared orders, classification channels in automatic circuits, etc.)

The huge advantages and versatility of this system make it suitable for use in any industry or distribution sector such as food, automobile, pharmaceutical, chemical amongst others.

A live storage pallet racking block is usually installed next to conventional pallet racking and is reserved for products with a fast turnover, or a shorter “use-by” date.

Main advantages:

  • Perfect product rotation using the FIFO system
  • Maximum capacity as this is a compact storage system
  • Time saved when pallets are removed. All products are easily located, thus reducing fork-lift maneuvering time, as traveling distanced are minimal
  • Highly Efficient operating system. The loading aisles are separate from the unloading aisles. The fork-lifts place and remove pallets without interruptions
  • Excellent stock control. Only one SKU is stored in each loading aisle
  • Easy access, as all the available SKU’s are stored in the same aisle
  • Safe, reliable system. The different elements that make up this system have been designed to endure simple, dependable, safe handling
  • Fast return of your investment. The savings in space, the reduction in maneuvering time and the fact that this system is virtually maintenance-free means that, in most cases, the investment is recovered in a a 2 to 3 year period
  • Can be adapted to suit the requirements and load units of customers
  • Quickly installed

Technical details


Measurement, racking
A Frame height 1500 - 8000 mm
B Upright distance c/c 1250 mm
C Upright width 90 mm, 110 mm
D Gravity 4%
E Section width 1010 mm (for EUR-pallet 1200x800 mm)
  Section width 1210 mm (for pallet 1200x1000 mm)
  Measurement, roller  
  Diameter 80 mm
  Length 900 mm alternative 1100 mm
  Pitch c/c 200 mm alternative c/c 150 mm