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Warehouse racking installation

MV Supply’s experienced team will arrive on site to install your racking system and/or shelving. Sometimes customers may choose to install storage products on their own but we recommend assigning larger and more complex projects to MV Supply installers who are fully equipped to safely and efficiently complete the work.

MV Supply team works with varying degrees of complexity of storage systems: pallet racks, cantilever racks, drive-in/drive-through racks, modular shelving, mezzanine floors (upper ground floor), gravitational, radio-shuttle and other systems. Both new and already used systems can be installed by the team. Experience in assembling includes equipment by acknowledged manufacturers such as SLP, Mecalux, BITO, EAB, Polypal, FERALCO, Manorga and others.

All installer teams are equipped with all the necessary equipment and technical means, as well as all the necessary certificates, such as safety precautions and driving license for lifting and handling equipment.

Racking dismantlement & rearrangement

When your warehouse racking needs to be rearranged, removed or relocated our trained racking installation specialists can efficiently dismantle your existing racking and rearrange it according to your needs. MV Supply has more than 10 years of experience in disassembling various racking systems. This gives us know-how for easy dismantlement of racks and shelves without harming them. Should only one part of the system require to be removed, partial racking removal can be offered. In this case, the workers work discretely to ensure that the remaining part of the warehouse runs as usual.

If an organization is moving to another area, our expert team can disassemble your racking system and bundle the parts to guarantee that they reach their destination in perfect condition. We can likewise re-install the racking system in the new area. The previous design can also be adjusted to guarantee that it meets the needs of the new space.